My name is Jade Rachel Williams and I’m 32 years old. I live in Chelsea with my 12 year old step-daughter Regan, and I’m 7 months pregnant with a boy called Caden Bryce. I’m a very affectionate person – my friends and family are the most import things in my life. I’m also very sexual and have been with my girlfriend Erin for about 5 months now.

When it comes to my sexuality, I identify as a Dominant lesbian and I love sex – and hey, who doesn’t? – and am very enthusiastic about bondage, spanking, cuddling, erotica, exhibitionism, fetish, gay rights, goth girls, hedonism, kissing, leather, massage, masturbation, piercings, porn, romance and spanking.

Some people think I’m ‘new age’ or a ‘hippie’ because I’m interested in aliens, angels, astrology, candles, crystals, dolphins, dragons, dreams, fairies, fantasy, fortune telling, gems, ghosts, incense, lightning, magic, meditation, mermaids, myths and legends, palmistry, paranormal, spirituality, sunsets, tarot reading, the supernatural, the unknown, the world, thunderstorms, unicorns, vampires, werewolves and wings.

Some people think I’m a goth because I like the colour black, churches, corsets, crucifixes, fire, Halloween, horror, piercings, tattoos, graveyards, leather, living dead dolls, moonlight and the moon.

Some people think I’m very feminine because I love animals, bright colours, bubble bath, Buffy, cartoons, Charmed, chocolate, cirque du soleil, coffee, dancing, disney, fireworks, flirting, friendships, glitter, happiness, harry potter, hello kitty, lipstick, music, musicals, rainbows, swimming and vintage clothing.

Personally, I think I’m all of that, and so much more.
I’m a geek and indulge in archaelogy, arthurian legends, egyptology, greek mythology, history, languages, physiology, pirates, psychology, sociology and visiting museums and the theatre.
I like to think I’m an artistic person and my passions are art, doodling, comic books, drawing and photography.
I value hope, imagination, individuality, knowledge, laughter and life in general

So that is me.
An affectionate, feminine, hippie, geeky goth who loves life.