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I really do need to get back to a more regular schedule of blogging. I know Erin was saying that she always feels she has nothing of importance to say and I can agree that is definitely part of why I don’t post as much.

It also doesn’t help that I can’t find a layout I want. It’s one of those, I don’t know what I want but would know it when I saw it. Erin keeps saying she’ll design something for me (she wouldn’t be able to code it and I’d have to find someone to do that) but I’m tired of waiting and nudging. I suppose because that is part of the work that she does for pay makes it less fun to do for free. This new theme will do for a little while but I’ll keep looking for something more me
I’d love a theme that brings in elements of nature and maybe crafting. That’s not asking for much, is it?

Things have also been very unsettled around here, for various reasons.
Erin and I broke up, got back together, broke up, had lots of long talks about what we want/need and our priorities and are back together again. I do think our relationship is stronger for it and we both know how to move things forward, what does/doesn’t work for us.
Caden Bryce is fully embracing his terrible twos.
Regan is stressed with school and peer pressure.

Something has to give and I’m hoping it’s not me! I’m trying to rediscover my outlets, my escapes from all of that. I’m definitely reading more than I ever used to, and losing myself into various facebook games. And now I want to reassert my online presence this way too.

For those keeping track, the baby is now six days late. Both the baby and I are still doing fine, but I am getting a little anxious. I’m also starting to get a little bored since I don’t want to start any new projects just in case I’m, you know, interrupted by going into labour. In the past week, though, I’ve finished cross stitching two bibs, read all 800 pages of the entire Chronicles of Narnia, and watched both seasons of HBO’s series Rome.

Rome was pretty good, even though it was far from accurate. I really appreciated how they didn’t make the city itself the beautiful marble megalopolis that most of us picture when thinking of Rome. The city wasn’t clad in marble, as it were, until after the series took place. (Octavian used the captured Egyptian treasure to start the transformation.) The city was dirty, the people rude and rough, and life clearly hard for anyone not a patrician. The depiction of Egypt, at least in the first season, was a bit disappointing. I’m not sure where the idea for the ratty wigs and face paint came from. In the second season, Egypt was a little better. However, Alexandra was more a Greek city than an Egyptian one, but that’s me being nit-picky and not appreciating that Rome is about the drama and not about the “copyright-free history of Rome”, as Miss Q has reminded me.

I am very surprised by some of the changes made for the sake of drama, though. For example, in Rome, Caesar’s freedman, Posca (a fictional character), steals Marc Antony’s will from Egypt and takes it to Octavian Caesar in Rome. In actuality, Marc Antony had left his will with the Vestal Virgins, as was the custom. Octavian (or someone in his employ) broke into their home/temple and stoled the will. Much more interesting and dramatic in my opinion. What about Marc Anthony’s wife Fulvia, who is thought to have tried to start a civil war in his name? And as for Cleopatra and Marc Antony’s deaths, more than a little artistic license was taken there. Surprisingly, Cleopatra still used a snake.

I wonder, though, about how genuine it is to set a story in a well recorded historical time, and present it as a fictionalized re-telling of events, and then change so many things. Sure, it is TV and it is all about the drama and the ratings. But how many people are now going to think that Octavia was an adulteress, when in fact she was held to be a paragon of Roman virtue; or that Marc Antony had an affair with with Octavian’s mother when nothing of the sort happened. Maybe in the next series about Rome, the creators will assume that Remus defeated Romulus, and call the show Reme.

While both Wiccans and Christians celebrate the rebirth of their respective gods (more or less) at the same time, the lead up to the event couldn’t be more different. To Wiccans, the days between November Eve/Samhain (October 31st) and Winter Solstice/Yule (approx. December 21s) are meant to be a time to slow down and mourn the death of the god. For most Christians, November and December are the busiest time of year, with everyone rushing from mall to office party to family event and back to the mall, and then off to church.

As with all generalizations, though, there are plenty of exceptions. There are those Wiccans who are just as caught up in the yearly gift giving and parting frenzy as anyone else (and I admit to being one until a few years ago), and there are those Christians who slow down during this time to honour what the birth of Jesus meant for humankind. (Just because I’m not Christian doesn’t mean I don’t think that Jesus wasn’t a pretty cool guy.)

Growing up, it was always the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day that was the downtime for the year for me. Presents had been opened, the turkey mostly eaten, and family gone home. Now it is still a nice time to relax. Holiday visiting is done, and Regan is off school for at least a few days more. It is all the more sweet this year, since we are also counting down our last few weeks as our small family – Caden Bryce will arrive sometime before the end of January and make us into a trio. 2011 will be much different then 2010, but the changes will be welcome, even if they bring sadness, but most especially if they bring happiness.

Life has been a series of if not adventures, then at least interesting events, for the last little while.

I have definitely found the house that I want to call home. I’ve been busy decorating and purchasing/arranging furniture. Everything is finished except for one room on the lower ground floor that I have no idea what to do with.

I have also found out the reason for my constant feeling of nausea and exhaustion over the past few weeks. It appears it was not actually a virus.

It was morning sickness.

I’m pregnant.

It has only been in the last few weeks that I have begun to feel more like myself, just in time for the baby to begin learning to play drums in my abdomen (making me feel slightly ill and very uncomfortable).

As I start my fifth month of pregnancy, I am recovering. The baby is doing very well, even if I’m not at my best. I have also learned that it is a boy. I suspected so all along, but no one believed me, of course.

He’s due on January 19th, and Miss Q and I are eagerly awaiting his arrival.

As a note, if you happen to know me in real life but didn’t know I was pregnant, obviously you need to give me a call!

Saturday Six
1. What is the most recent thing you purchased with real cash? My weekly shopping
2. As a general rule, do you keep cash on you at all times? Always, yes
3. You have $50 in cash in your pocket and you are approached by someone asking for $20 because they’ve run out of gas. They seem believable and genuinely in need. Would you give them the $20? I would, yes.
4. Take the quiz: What Dollar Bill Are You?

You Are a Twenty Dollar Bill

You are a pretty ordinary gal or guy. There’s a lot of people like you in the world, and you probably tend to run in a pretty tight pack.
You may not be able to buy everything you want in the world, but you do okay. You’re able to be comfortable.

Compared to most people, you’re not really materialistic. You see how money is useful, but you don’t obsess over it.
As long as you have enough money to pay for what you need, you’re happy. You don’t feel rich or poor.

5. How often do you have this denomination in your pocket? That I can think of, I always have at least one. There’s 3 in my purse right now
6. Which single line in the quiz answer above best describes you? As long as you have enough money to pay for what you need, you’re happy

I’m honestly starting to think that ‘virus’ is simply another way for a doctor to say ‘I’m sorry but I haven’t got a fucking clue what’s wrong with you’ and, as I’m sure anyone who’s ever been told they have a virus and will get better on their own can appreciate, I’m getting sick to the back teeth of it.

I’ve been feeling off-colour for a couple of months now. It’s nothing major, just ongoing mild flu-like symptoms and being fucking annoying. I’ve been having headaches, back and stomach aches, nausea and lack of appetite. I’ve put a little weight on but I would assume that would be between the vomitting and not eating, that my body is simply storing any energy it gets. I’ve also not been able to get to the gym.

I’ve been doing lots of reading though which is always a plus but it would be nice to get moving properly again, especially as we’re moving house at the end of the month and I have a lot of packing – and decorating planning – to be getting on with.

Yes, I know it seems like we’re always moving house. It’s because we are. I’ve been enjoying buying a property that needs a lot of work, doing DIY/decorating and selling it on again. We live in the proeprty while we do it and, at the moment, Regan thinks it’s great fun – and an adventure.
I’m sure as her adolescence takes hold properly she’ll not be thinking that.

And, to be honest, the house we’re moving into now… I think it could well be a stopper, it could actually be MY house. It feels right. We’ll see what happens once we move in and I start working on it.
(Well, providing I ever shake off this ‘virus’ and have enough energy to do so!)

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