This site was created partly because I wanted an outlet for my creativity.  It was also created in hopes of countering some of the misinformation available in Wicca and Tarot.  One person may not be able to do much on that front, but I know from the feedback I have received over the years that I have helped at least a few people.

The topics I cover on this site may seem an odd mix, but each one of them is something that is part of my life. Each section contains a mixture of information gathered from what I have learned about that topic. Everything presented is my personal opinion, and any mistakes or misunderstanding of referenced material is my fault.

The section on Wicca will include information about my journey. I have written essays on many different topics, from What Do I Need? to Who Is Wiccan, and everything in between. I believe these essays are appropriate for everyone from the beginner to the advanced Wiccan student.

The Tarot section contains my notes on the decks I am currently studying. There are, as of yet, no complete notes on any deck, but I will adding to them as I progress.

Cross Stitch is one of my biggest hobbies. I have more projects then I will be able to complete in three lifetimes. To help organize all my “stash” I have created a couple of databases. You will find them in this section, along with some conversion files. This section will be expanded soon.

The References section is a listing of all the books and websites mentioned on this site or used in the creation of the site. Unfortunately plagiarism is rampant on the Internet, and this is my small attempt to recognize my sources. If you think I haven’t cited something I should have, please let me know. Of course, everything presented here is my take on what I have studied and read, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

You have probably noticed that my site is rather plain. Few graphics, no music, and a definite lack of the kind of flashy things found on many pagan sites. There is a reason for that. I feel that the information I am presenting is more important then some silly music and a faery chasing after you mouse pointer. It seems to me that many websites resort to these sort of tactics to make up for the lack of information on their site.

I have noticed that simple sites seem to be the most effective at getting their information across, and keeping a reader’s interest. That being said, a site must still be pleasing to the eye. Randomly changing font sizes, no coherence between pages and sections, and similar design errors cause readers to leave without a backwards glance. I hope that I have managed to balance simplicity with beauty. I have chosen colours and images that I find pleasing and soothing. The navigation system is a work in progress, and I will continue to refine it so that is easy to find the information that interests you.