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As I’m sure most of you are aware, I tend to get a little bit behind. I mean well, really. But, once in a while I do actually get things done ahead of time.

Lucky Day by Mill Hill

Lucky Day by Mill Hill

This is Lucky Day, a Mill Hill kit from the 2010 Spring Bouquet collection. It is stitched as per the pattern, except I attached all the beads with half cross stitches instead of using full stitches for the petite beads. (Yes, I am that lazy.)

The original plan was to finish it as a pin for Caden Bryce to wear to school on St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a bit too big for his little chest. It does come with a magnet, but my new stainless steel fridge isn’t magnet! lol! I think I might just put it away to use as an ornament when I finally get around to creating a year long ornament tree.

The newest addition to the family as finally arrived. Caden Bryce Williams was born on January 24, 2011 at 10:05 pm after 24 hours of labour. Mommy and baby are doing very well.

Life has obviously changed a lot since he has arrived. Sleeping more then an hour at a time is a thing of the past, for example. Also gone are luxuries like a quick trip to the store, or a long bath. Soon enough he will grow up though, and I will look back on these days fondly… maybe.

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