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I’ve made a couple more bags from the kits I bought from Quilt-A-Bag. The first is a cute little clasp purse.

Clasp bag

Clasp bag

The little bunnies on the outside are very cute. (The picture makes it look lopsided for some reason.) I’m so happy it turned out nicely. The last time I attempted this pattern I messed it up, partly because the twill fabric provided for the outside unravels terribly. But I took my time with this attempt, and used some Fray Check at a few different points.

Here is the interior fabric. I would love to get a hold of more of it. I think it would make a super cute box bag.

Super cute girls playing fabric

Super cute girls playing fabric

I also sewed up this snap pocket. It is meant to snap around a belt or apron string and provide you with an extra pocket.

Snap pocket bag

Snap pocket bag

It is made from “Japanese Canvas”, and the interior seams are bound with cotton tape. This fabric frays as well, and I had to be really careful with ripping out a mistake, but I am really pleased with the finish product. (Although it could stand to be ironed.)

I still have a couple more Quilt-A-Bag kits to finish up, but I am already getting excited about the Knitting & Stitching Spring Show. I’m really hoping they will be there again, and that they will have some great new ideas. I may also pick up some of the pieces needed to make a few more the smaller “doctor bags”, since I think they will make nice gifts.


I mentioned the other day that my sewing machine seems to be working again. And that means I’m trying to finish up some kits I’ve had lying around for a while.

This is Cosmetic Bag from The Village Haberdashery. I’ve made a few of their kits in the past and I still have a couple more to make. The next one I want to tackle is their Doctor Bag, which is just a purse sized version of this bag. The fabric in the kit is really cute, too.

I did make a few minor mistakes, partly because I didn’t understand the directions. But, overall I’m very pleased with it. And now I know what not to do when I make the larger bag.

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